CleanTechNRW aims at fulfilling the following „Cluster-Competition“ goals: 15% growth p.a. in the areas addressed by CleanTechNRW, meaning twice the growth rate in comparison to the market (2015-2025). Creation of 5000 new and attractive jobs in Germany by 2020. Specific reduction of CO2 emissions by 25% by using new technology platforms and products compared to conventional methods based on the year 2010. Hence, CleanTechNRW has set its goal to substantially contribute towards a social and economic development for a „Low Carbon Society“ with its spanning industrial climate protection technology. Furthermore it aims to become a growth generator in NRW and Germany for new products, processes and job vacancies for the „next generation“.

„Sustainable Industries“ as basis for all Cluster activities

Between 2011-2014 CleanTechNRW will primarily focus on spanning industry innovations in the area of efficiency improvement in material, resource and energy use as well as innovative energy- and heat storage to increase the application of renewable energy. Building on that, CleanTechNRW also plans to further develop cluster projects from 2014 onwards for the usage and recycling of hydrogen and methane as important elements of an innovative and efficient energy supply model, within an industrial territory such a NRW. These activites are enhanced by a multitude of measures to build expertise and integral social development.