CleanTechNRW- Spanning industrial Innovations for a sustainable society

CleanTechNRW In North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) economy and science have merged together in the areas of chemistry, energy, steel and biotechnology in order to push "CleanTech" forward. The key characteristic of CleanTechNRW is to accentuate innovative potential across the four industrial interfaces of energy, steel, chemistry and biotechnology, as well as the realisation of multiple-ramifications along the different, historically grown and still to this day, strong and distinct value chain. In this case, small and medium sized businesses as well as craftsmanship play a significant role.

The goal of CleanTechNRW is to unlock the potential of reducing CO2-emissions as well as energy exertion at the cutting point of these four sectors. Hereby, the cluster counts on innovations within the energy- and heat storage sectors, energy-, material- and resource efficiency as well as on the progression of sustainable competences, as for example through integral innovations- and Life Cycle Analysis.

"CleanTech" stands for the commitment towards new and innovative methods, products and services, which increase both output and efficiency, conserves natural resources and at the same time sustainably reduces cost and energy consumption. Thereby, questions regarding the right technologies and competences stand equally in the foreground as does the question concerning the best path towards a "Low Carbon Society".